DHM 080... PA-GV UL-94 V-0 Abstandsrolle massiv rostbraun

Round plastic spacers, Solid round plastic spacers

DHM 080## PA-GV rb - Solid round plastic spacer with OD=8.0 / L=15,0 mm PA-GV red-brown UL-94 V-0

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Length in mm

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the order unit: 100 pieces
Part no.: n.n.
MOQ / Order unit: 100 pieces
Length L: 15,0 mm
Outside diameter AD: 8,0 mm
Special feature: Solid round plastic spacers
Material group: Plastic
Material: PA-GF
Color: rust brown
UL Listing: UL-94 V-0
Temperature min.: -40 °C
Temperature max.: +200 °C
RoHS III compliant: Yes

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