Is there a minimum order value?

Within the EU we have no minimum order value (MOV). For exports outside the EU, the MOV is currently EUR 600.00.

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Can smaller quantities be ordered?

No, sub-packaging cannot be ordered from us. The MOQ / order unit on the product detail pages is our minimum order quantity.

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How can products be ordered?

Preferably by email to [email protected].
Items can only be requested online on our website. There is no order function here.

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Is it possible to order online?

No, there is no order function on our website.
We prefer to receive orders by email to [email protected]

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Can private individuals order?

Unfortunately no. As a wholesale company and supplier to the processing industry, our range of services is exclusively in the B2B sector. We therefore cannot accept orders from private individuals or corporate bodies without a VAT number or entry in the commercial register.

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How can products be inquired?

The easiest way is to add parts to the inquiry list and send the inquiry.
Alternatively with the help of our contact form or by email to [email protected].

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Are deliveries to foreign countries possible?

Of course! We supply our customers worldwide.

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Are CAD data available?

Yes, if these are already available, they are linked for download on our product pages. Otherwise, we will be happy to create the CAD data for you on request: Contact form

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