Product overview

We offer products which are the so-called small C-parts of the electrical industry.

As a service, we offer our customers comprehensive technical advice and support them in their product development, for example by providing appropriate development samples. In case of special requirements, we develop the specific parts together with our customer.

Our products come from the areas of PCB spacers and standoffs, cable fastening and protection, mounting accessories, protective caps and sealing plugs as well as LED mounts and light pipes.


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Spacers and standoffs

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We supply various versions of PCB spacers, standoffs and round spacers, insulating standoffs made of plastic and metal inserts, round or hexagonal or according to customer drawings.

Cable fastening and protection

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Also available are cable mounts, hook and loop straps, cable ties, cable tie mounts, cable protective sleeves, strain reliefs for cables, grommets, membrane grommets, cable clamps, and edge protection.

Mounting accessories and SEMS screws

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Under the product group mounting accessories, we offer SEMS screws, plastic and metal screws, nuts and washers, plastic snap rivets, bumper feet, vibration dampeners, fan and heat sink mounting accessories, thermally conductive pads and door latches and strikers.

Light pipes and LED mounts

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In the field of light pipes and LED mounts, we offer numerous LED spacers and a variety of rigid and flexible light pipes for panel and SMD mounting.

Plugs and caps

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A wide range of protection covers and plugs (RJ-45, RJ-11, HDMI, USB type A+B, Mini-USB, DVI, Firewire, BNC, XLR, and many more), seal plugs, finned push-in plugs and protective caps and covers complete our program.

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